Speak Out Loud for children in foster care!

Growing up in foster care is challenging. This emotional gauntlet includes being moved from place to place, finding yourself, adapting to new people and different environments, aging out of the system, and much more. I was placed in foster care at the age of 15. I moved between six different homes and experienced abuse, yet, I did not allow this dark experience to dampen my ambitions nor quiet the song of service in my heart. Instead, I worked through the pain, rose up, and decided that I would save myself by helping to save others. On November 4, 2014, I was elected to the Georgia House of Representatives to serve the 39th State House District of Georgia.  I am mother to a beautiful and brilliant little girl who has love in her life and a future marked by opportunity. My life is different.

I was fortunate to excel beyond foster care, but this is not always the standard. This is in part because of people’s perception of children in foster care. Children in foster care are seen as troubled, problematic youth; hard to handle, hard to love.

I want to change this perception and show people that children in foster care are only victims of their circumstances. It is important that we display great role models to these children, who are just like them: Jamie Foxx, Steve Jobs, Cher, John Lennon, and so many more. I want to share my story – and so many other stories of some many more exceptional age-out foster children around our world to empower and uplift this vulnerable population of children, but it starts with you!


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