About the Book

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a foster child? Well, let me introduce you to Erica. Erica’s story begins at the early age of 7, as she transitions between homes as a Foster child. Through her story, we learn of Erica’s fears and questions that are typical to a child in this situation; questions like, “Will they like me? “Will there be other kids to play with?” Erica demonstrates how she handles these questions and fears and makes an “adventure” out of her situation. She makes a once challenging subject into an “adventure” for other children to talk about and for parents and teachers to use to explain Foster Care.

In this children’s book, “It’s Erica”, we introduce this darling, young girl who is leaving one foster home and going to another. After her social worker takes Erica to meet her new foster mother, Erica is surprised to learn she has a large room and a seemingly infinite amount of toys to herself. From here, Erica imagines that she and her toys go on a stormy voyage as pirates with Erica as their fearless captain. Once they find land, Erica is called for bedtime and she lets the reader in on her new found comfort of home, and her feelings of her new foster mom.

The book addresses themes of understanding and addressing emotions, understanding comfort and basic needs of shelter, safety, and love, teamwork and leadership.

This is the beginning of Erica’s stories to help people understand the challenges and obstacles from a child’s view. We look forward to sharing with you the story of Erica and all her adventures as a foster child.

Erica R. Thomas